The rise and rise of real estate in Bangalore

“Skyscrapers what? Is that Greek?!” Asked a Bangalorean when he was first spoken to on how some of the biggest cosmopolitan cities of the country (well just one in those days, Mumbai) and of the world grew vertically rather than horizontally.

Let’s read on to understand the rise and rise of real estate in Bangalore.

The Bangalore Utility Building was the first Skyscraper and stayed that way until the mid-1990s. Well, the nomenclature has changed from skyscraper to High-rise but the purpose remains the same. Being a Bangalorean, witnessing vast green acres, was blissful. If you pushed it a bit, we could’ve ridden on a pony, sung ‘Rhinestone cowboy’ and lay down on stacks of hay for the entire day! Bangalore’s landscape was our answer to South America’s countryside.

We hear tales of the early 1980s, of North Bangalore close to the now very famous Hebbal flyover. Back in the day, the place wasn’t regarded as Bangalore. We also hear tales from friends and relatives of people who built houses in North and East Bangalore and how they would chuckle. They’d say, they’d pack clothes and some essentials while they came to meet, just in case they got marooned in that part of town.

We’ve also heard tales from people describing their journeys while building their dream homes and the long monotonous walks every day from the highway to the construction site, while they went to check on the progress, with a pack of dogs left astray hounding them. 

Years went by. Not like centuries, but a decade and a half. It was 1996. Soon these areas were recognized and people got more familiar with them. Shops and commercial establishments added value to the residents of the vicinity. The surrounding localities were buzzing with activity. Many colonies took birth and North-east Bangalore began developing in the interim. 

North and North-east Bangalore, 12 years from then, saw a steep demand with the International airport shifting base to Devanahalli in 2008. Land prices saw a surge. Recession, you say? That was when real-estate was at its peak in Bangalore. North, East, West and South.

The surreal growth almost looked like an aberration. It was a tough phase. Other businesses took time to recover from the whiplash, but the realty sector saw exponential growth. By 2012–13, before one could realize, Bangalore in all its glory hit the zenith! 

Soon from being South America’s answer to its countryside, Bangalore began advancing the New-York way. By then, there was a considerable influx of population from all across the country and Bangalore was unofficially the Silicon Valley of the Eastern part of the globe. 

Today, Bangalore stands as one of the hotbeds in the realty sector with plush apartment complexes, great quality of life and the much-needed comfort of not having to walk down lonely roads to a construction site with the fear of being bitten by packs of dogs left astray. 

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