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Monarch Group and its versatility in Bangalore

If you’re a Bangalorean of the Old, you would remember this like the back of your palm. A heritage property, one that could’ve given the ‘Five Stars’ a run for their money. One that served cuisine that tantalised the taste buds like none other and does to date! By now, you’d have guessed what we’re referring to. Yes! Monarch Hotel is synonymous with heritage if you like. Together they have properties in the CBD – Central Business District of Bangalore and have been serving clients with prudence since its inception in the year 2000. Let’s read to understand Monarch group’s legacy and its versatility in Bangalore

Can you imagine, what it takes for a group of hotels to hold its own for over two decades? Quality control amongst many other complexities, the sheer resilience to counter criticism from people in the segment and to stand out as a pristine service group maintaining quality are some of the things one needs to take note of and Monarch has done it right!

Monarch has maintained its old-world charm, something of the order of the rich blue-blooded heritage and continues to serve the corporate audience to a T. With spacious banquet halls and cuisine to live for, Monarch has lived true to its name!

Where can you find Monarch hotels in Bangalore?

Monarch has three independent facilities:

1). Himalaya by Monarch on KG road

2). Monarch Hotel on Brigade road

3). Monarch Luxur on Infantry road

All three facilities cater to independent and group bookings, corporate bookings, e. al.

Looking to host a private party? Or a destination for your review meet? A conference? A casual dinner maybe? How about lunch? We’ve got you covered. Look no further than this Monarch group of hotels!

What else does Monarch Group offer?

Being the most trusted brand in the Bangalore geography, Monarch stepped foot into the real estate segment and has taken to the trade like a duck would to water! Remember, Monarch has a legacy and a reputation to live up to. 

With that backdrop, Monarch provides pristine living spaces in Monarch Aqua, located on Old Madras Road, accessible to everything one needs. We would be covering that in subsequent articles, but what you need to know is, Monarch Aqua is a top-of-the-line construction that has been crafted keeping in mind the modern-day working professional and his/her family’s needs. You could get further information on

The Monarch Group is nothing short of a legend down south. Something of the order of aristocracy or thereabouts because to maintain a heritage brand isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Talking about tea, how about you drop by for one? Oh and Monarch serves cookies too!