The benefits of having a mall On-prem

While Bangalore’s real estate landscape has been on a rise for the last three decades or so, one must keep in mind reasons beyond just square foot rates, carpet area, SBA or location while choosing a home. We know, all that constitutes for a majority, but the way real estate has grown in the Silicon Valley of India has been commendable and large emphasis will have to be laid out on innovation and convenience quotient. 

Convenience has become a talking point amongst many. With the advent of supermarkets, real estate brands have begun to adopt one in their premises. Most apartment complexes that Bangalore has witnessed over the years have tried to do their bit to make living spaces comfortable.

Monarch Aqua provides something spectacular here! With a frontage that encompasses a High-street mall, Monarch Aqua has taken living spaces a notch above. Let’s visit a few reasons why you must consider a living complex with a mall:

1). Cutting off commute: With the hustle and bustle the city has to offer, one would consider it an ordeal to look for a ‘deal’ in a shopping mall. Let’s admit this. We aren’t living in Bangalore of the 80s or the 90s. Spending an hour travelling drains us out mentally and physically. Shopping bags begin to feel heavier and the legs begin to wilt!

2). For the lazy weekends: For the ones who like it laid back and who doesn’t like to spend hours-on-end in front of the mirror choosing that ‘perfect attire’ for a weekend shopping spree, You druther walk in with a casual T-Shirt and a pair of denim, finish shopping, get back to your couch, Netflix and chill! Just what the doctor ordered huh?!

3). Contributing to the environment: You are adding fewer layers of soot, smoke and leaving a lesser amount of carbon footprint each time you decide not to take that car out for a spin. Not that you ought to do it every time, but the more frequent your outings are, the more carbon you contribute. A mall on-prem works like magic!

We could go on with why you are better off not stepping out, contributing to air and noise pollution, but we will leave that discussion for another day. Having an On-prem shopping mall is by far, the most convenient thing you can ask for, for reasons beyond what we’ve discussed. You forget to buy something, you don’t need to think a zillion times to take your car out; traverse through reckless traffic. Instead, just hop out of your lift lobby, stroll your way to the mall, pick up what you need and come back in a jiffy!

Let’s just say, Monarch Aqua has thought all these through and designed something absolutely out of the ordinary. The High Street Mall in Monarch Aqua was planned keeping residents’ comfort in mind and designed perfectly to enhance your living experience. Look us up on for more information. We urge you to do that and get one step closer to your dream home!