General questions
Where is Monarch Aqua located?

Monarch Aqua is located on Old Madras Road, opposite KR Puram Lake and waterpark, directly adjacent to the highway.

What are the different types and sizes of apartments?

We have designed all apartments to fit varied individual and family requirements. Approximate sizes are mentioned below :

3 1583-1716
Booking, Allotment & Agreement
How do I book my home at Monarch Aqua?
  1. Identify your apartment
  2. Fill the booking application form
  3. Pay the booking amount as stated in the payment schedule by cheque/DD/online transfer
What happens after booking?

On receiving approvals, Monarch will invite the selected apartment owner’s for allotment and you will be required to pay the allotment amount within 2 weeks, against which a formal letter of allotment will be issued. 

Agreements will follow in 2 weeks from the date of allotment.

When do I get a confirmed allotment?

Your allotment will be confirmed on payment of installments as per the Payment Schedule.

How are installments to be paid and is it milestone bound?

Installments can be made by way of cheque or bank disbursements based on schedule of payments as mentioned in the cost sheet. The payment structure is on a Construction Milestone basis.

Will there be a validity period for the price list?

Prices are subject to change from time to time.

What are the agreements that need to be signed?

The following agreements need to be signed: Sale Agreement, Construction Agreement, followed by a Sale Deed at the time of the handover.

What is the process of assignment?

Assignment can be done only after the agreements have been signed. Requests for assignments will be accepted only after initial payments are paid as per the payment schedule.

When can I transfer my allotment and what would be the fee for the same?

Transfer of Allotment can be made at any time after the payment of the first 3 construction milestones. The nominal fee for the same is Rs.150 per square foot.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

If you do wish to cancel before your Allotment, the cancellation fee is 15% of the booking amount. If cancellation is after the Allotment, then 1% of the sale value will be forfeited as a cancellation fee and the balance amount will be returned within 4 weeks without interest.

Is there differential pricing based on the floors or location of apartments?

Yes. For every level of apartments beyond the second floor, there is an increment of Rs. 25/- per sq ft per floor. Additionally, a few units will have a premium location charge of Rs.300/- per sft.

Is there car parking space?

We can provide one car parking space for every apartment. Additional car parking requests will be taken up towards project completion, including options for mechanized car parking.

Approvals & Construction
Is the title of the property clear?

All Monarch Properties customers are rest assured of a clear property title. The land is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances.

What about bank approvals?

Monarch Aqua is already in the process of approval by leading banks such as SBI, LIC, HDFC, ICICI & L&T Finance.

Which development body will sanction the plans?

Monarch Aqua is within Bangalore’s BBMP limits, which is the city corporation limit and approval plans will be sanctioned by BBMP.

Has Monarch Aqua been approved by banks/housing finance institutions (HFIs) for loans?

Yes. Leading banks and institutions have principally approved the development and will extend loans to customers based on their specified criteria after the completion of the agreement.

When does the development start and when can I expect to move into my new home?

Once project approvals are obtained, construction will commence and your new home should welcome you in 3 and a half years.

Are modifications permitted in the apartments?

Though the specifications and designs have been carefully conceived, we understand the needs and interests of individual homeowners and families. We do have options for limited customizations that can fulfill individual owner requirements.

What makes Monarch Aqua a Green Home?

Day-lighting in Living, Dining and Bedrooms: Monarch Aqua has been designed to accommodate natural daylight in all spaces. Naturally daylight spaces are proven to improve the health of the residents and also reduce the unnecessary cost and use of artificial lighting during the day. All bedrooms and living spaces have been designed to have optimum glazing and windows to exceed industry standards.


Roof Garden – Outdoor Space and Energy Saving Strategy: A “Podium Garden” has been incorporated in the project to provide the residents a roof area for recreational purposes such as parties, along with a jogging track for exercise.


Modern Building Technology: State-of-the-art technologies and building materials such as glazed uPVC windows and low VOC paints have been used to ensure better quality buildings, healthier occupants & cleaner environment.


Water Saving Toilet Fixtures: The Aqua project will utilize the latest technologies in water saving toilets and bathroom fixtures.


Rain Water Harvesting: Rainwater will be harvested to replenish the groundwater table by providing recharge wells and trenches. This helps keep the ground water table healthy and not overburden drains with clean rain water.


Common Area Lighting: Efficient lighting will be used in lobbies and common areas, with the benefit of reduced operational costs and longer operating hours that reduce inconvenience due to maintenance.

Club House & Maintenance
Is there a clubhouse and what are the facilities?

Monarch Aqua offers an array of state-of-the-art facilities, such as: gymnasium, multi-purpose hall, indoor squash court, health club, library, table tennis, cards room, TV room, yoga terrace, swimming pool and children’s play area.

What is the scheme for maintenance?

Maintenance will be separate for apartments and commercial spaces. The scheme for maintenance is as under: 

  • A sum of Rs. 30/- per sq ft (Rs.2.5/- per sq ft per month) will be charged as the advance maintenance fee for the first year and will be collected at handover of your new home. From the second year onwards, maintenance charges will be levied on a quarterly basis, payable in advance. An additional sum of Rs. 30/- per sq ft corresponding to the super built area will be collected as sinking fund. This amount will be deposited in an escrow account and the accruals will be used for major expenditure.
What happens if I have any more questions/clarifications?

You can email us at: customerrelations@monarchproperties.in, or meet our Customer Relations officers at the site or at our head office at: 


#54, Monarch Plaza, 

Brigade Road




You can always get in touch with us vie phone at +91 9590 113 113